Launching external tools from radrails (without using the internal console window)

I am a windows rails developer, and I love rad-rails. However, it has a big gap when it comes to debugging features. But, when using the ruby-debug gem in tandem with the external tools feature of rad.... read more

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Mountain West Ruby Conference

We’ll be one of the sponsors at the upcoming MtnWest RubyConf 2007. You should be there if you haven’t planned already. Registration is $50 and includes access to all conference session as well as a .... read more

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RMagick for Fedora Core 6 - (How to overcome [BUG] Segmentation fault)

I have a fresh copy of fedora core 6 installed on my own server which I use for personal projects (like my brother-in-law’s piano website). Recently, I wanted to install RMagick on the server for a im.... read more

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Rails Running Slower in Dev?

Does Rails run so slower in the Development environment? Rails allows you to setup 3 environments each with its own database, error loggin etc. So you have Production, Development and Testing. Runnin.... read more

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